by Majella Farrell


Aromatherapy is a wonderful way of experiencing the many benefits of essential oils.

Essential oils are substances extracted from the roots, stalks, flowers, leaves or fruit of a plant and have numerous and powerful healing properties.

Essential oils are also known as aromatherapy oils.

Most of the oils are extracted by steam distillation, those from citrus fruits by pressing and those from delicate flowers by solvent extraction. The consistencies of the oils vary from being watery to having a rich texture and are not greasy. They readily mix in vegetable oils and dissolve in alcohol. They do not dissolve in water.

Each essential oil has a therapeutic/healing property. Essential oils can help to regulate the metabolism and balance the mind and body. They have the ability to help with memories and emotions.

Regular use of aromatherapy is a gentle, effective way of maintaining good health. We can help our bodies to function more efficiently and alleviate the effects of stress and tension by using aromatherapy in a number of different ways. These ways are through a wonderfully relaxing massage with the oils used chosen as a specific prescription just for you.  These oils can also be used in a bath and as an inhalation to ease stress and sleep or to keep you focused.

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