by Majella Farrell

Homotoxicology - What is it?

Homotoxicology(Modern Homeopathy) is based on the integration of basic medical science with the principles of homeopathic medicine. Developed by Dr Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg, it represents a unique intellectual synthesis between the concepts of molecular biology, biochemistry, toxicology and pathophysiology, resulting in non-toxic biological therapy

It represents a significant advancement in the application of homeopathic theory and practice in the field of biological medicine

Biological Medicine treats the body as a whole system, which means treating the mind, body and spirit. Biological medicine helps the body heal itself through the activation of its own defence mechanisms. This concept of biological medicine is also found in homotoxicology and homeopathy.

The term Homotoxin, means toxic to humans, this refers to any material that adversely affects the human organism. Homotoxins may originate internally by way of metabolic products not broken down or eliminated efficiently, or externally from environmental contaminants, bacteria and other infectious agents.


When a homotoxin is encountered, the organism attempts to eliminate it if possible, or adapt to the noxious influence if elimination cannot be effectively accomplished. In the case of disease, these chemical substances have become pathogenic toxins. These homotoxins are responsible for those processes we call ‘disease’. Many symptoms of ‘dis-ease’ are actually the manifestations of the body attempting to detoxify (heal) itself from homotoxins.

Anti-homotoxic therapy is a holistic treatment concept based on the rules of homotoxicology, its therapeutic objectives are –

Prevention of illness.

Detoxification of organic systems

Regeneration of organic systems

Symptom management,  – which supports the forces of spontaneous healing.

Using an anti-homotoxic remedy, which includes substances of mineral, plant, and animal origin, plus nosodes, the practitioner can select remedies that will work on the specific organ/tissue responsible for the patients symptoms. Not only do these combination and single homeopathic remedies work with the principles of anti-homotoxic therapy they also aid the body to self heal the body and bring about lasting change.

Antihomotoxic preparations have very few side effects and they may easily be combined with other types of medications. This advantage is particularly important to chronically ill patients who are required to take several medications at the same time.

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